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Traditional Trendsetters

Since 1927, Proest Objekteinrichtungen has expressed its signature style through its individual furniture design and perfect interior fittings. [learn more]

From inspiration to creation

It is a privilege to be able to move within an environment where you feel totally at ease. [learn more]

Our passion

Our passion is to develop and implement room concepts of the highest sophistication and quality, individually tailored to the unique needs of our customers. [learn more]

The ecological side

We use materials and resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible as part of our responsibility to the environment. [learn more]


We place value on fairness in our pricing policy. We guarantee to always deliver your projects at a fair market price. [learn more]

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes - Take a look inside our workshop and find out about how we work. [learn more]

High-tech meets craftsmanship

Every project is different and every customer has different expectations. In order to make each dream a reality, we use modern CAD Software that enables us to realize highly complex shapes three-dimensionally. [learn more]