Since 1927, Proest Objekteinrichtungen has expressed its signature style through its individual furniture design and perfect interior fittings.

We are built on tradition and continually set new trends, never losing sight of our roots.

Our top priorities have always been to offer precision craftsmanship, build strong relationships with our customers, and use superior-quality products. In our work, we blend our tradition of craftsmanship and artisan production with modern and efficient manufacturing techniques. 

It is a privilege to be able to move within an environment where you feel totally at ease. Developing this kind of environment is a process that is usually accompanied by a lengthy search.

At Proest Objekteinrichtungen, we lay the foundations that enable you to make this process as simple as possible. How do we do this? It is thanks to the high expectations we set on ourselves, our determination to make your vision a reality with no room for compromise, and an excellent team that supports and guides you throughout your entire project.

Our exclusive designs and forms set us apart from our competitors and are sure to be real eyecatchers in your home. 

Our passion is to develop and implement room concepts of the highest sophistication and quality, individually tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

With an excellent eye for detail and the ability to take even unspoken wishes into account, we can design furniture that inspires our customers with its individuality, elegance, and exclusivity.

Our strengths are our tailor-made living concepts, clever details and functional solutions, an exclusive selection of materials, made-to-measure production, punctuality, and quality craftsmenship at a fair price. 

We use materials and resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible as part of our responsibility to the environment. For example, the woodcut is controlled by a state-of-the-art CNC crosscut saw with cut optimisation, which succeeds in producing the smallest possible amount of waste material.

Any surplus material is removed and fed into our solid fuel heating system. We completely forego the use of fossil fuels, even in our energy supply. We have decided to source our energy from hydropower. With our derived timber product, we are able to use certified materials upon customer request.

We can also fall back on natural oil, lacquer, and waxes so that we can offer you pieces of furniture that are 100% ecologically produced. 

Every project is different and every customer has different expectations. In order to make each dream a reality, we use modern CAD/CAM Software that enables us to realize highly complex shapes three-dimensionally.

We can also work cost-efficiently and precisely due to the direct connection to our ERP software and its direct link to our saws and CNC machines.

Our specialized staff handle a wide variety of materials with millimeter precision.

Each piece of furniture we produce is unique and guaranteed to have been assembled by hand.