Manufacturing process: How to order bespoke furniture in 6 steps

It is in our nature to create our living space with unique design. The personal expression of individuality distinguishes us from others. In addition to wall colors, curtains, floor coverings and decorative items, custom-made furniture is a decisive factor in furnishing.

Individual furnishing with custom-made furniture is a process that can take a lot of time. The key to realizing your vision is for us to know what your ideas are and what you are getting into. To help you do this, here is our guide to

The clearer you are about what you want, the better we can implement it for you. This involves defining the style and colors, material appearance and function as well as the size and position of the custom-made furniture. The clearer your idea about this, the easier the design and manufacturing process will be. You can make a sketch, use online portals such as Houzz, Pinterest or Instagram, or browse our website to gather inspiration, which in conversation with us and our designers can clarify your ideas and wishes.

The exciting thing about making custom-made furniture is also that you can experience how it comes to life. Being a witness to the craftsmanship at work and being able to share these details with friends, family and customers once they are installed makes it something very special – this is simply not possible with industrially built furniture.


First conversation in the manufacturing process

Once you have contacted Proest Interior, we will make an initial appointment with you. During this appointment we will listen to your wishes and visions and take stock of the situation.

Design phase

After the first meeting, a design phase takes place, in which we create a preliminary draft for you based on the initial meeting. For this purpose we will prepare a first price estimate for your custom-made furniture.



We will discuss this draft with you and go through our offer with you.

Within this framework, we will carry out a detailed sampling with you at our production site in Uedem or our sales office in Landsmeer near Amsterdam.

You will have the opportunity to get a free guided tour through our production facilities.

Official launch

If they agree with the final offer, the manufacturing process is officially started. We will visit you to measure everything in detail and begin to agree a schedule with you, as well as to prepare the production drawings, which we will send to you for review and approval.


Construction phase

Production begins when the release drawings have been approved by you. In order to keep the conversion phase as short as possible, as much work as possible is done in our workshop. As soon as this process is completed, we come to you with the pre-assembled components and install them.

Final inspection

Every detail is taken care of during the acceptance procedure. If there is anything else that needs to be done, we will do it for you immediately so that you can enjoy your bespoke furniture.